Indigenous Services

Summit helps Indigenous people who are looking for work as well as those who are looking to advance their career or start their own business.

We work with Indigenous groups to put in place the programs and support that is culturally appropriate and tailored to community needs. We provide outreach services, Cadetships, community Projects, training and mentoring opportunities.

Summit also offer a range of programs and services where Indigenous specific vacancies have been indentified or where jobseekers can access cultural programs and Indigenous Projects aimed at helping people connect with community.

Our team provides additional support with work experience and local community mentors to help complete your training jobseekers' as well as providing industry specific short and long courses. Summit are now offering free courses in a variety of qualifications for Indigenous clients to help secure or enhance your employment. See what free courses are being offered in your area.

We also have specialist Indigenous staff to talk to, help you find the right course or job or even help you start your own business. Through our New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) Program and Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) we can help, no matter what your career goal is.

Summit also works with Ngumbaay Aboriginal Corporation to help find work for Indigenous people. Ngumbaay secure contacts and works with business to secure work for our mob. Checkout the Ngumbaay website or face book to see is there are any jobs in your area.